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Kyle Thomas Glasser on Social Media Sites

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Kyle Thomas Glasser Latest News

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Press / Media Mentions of Kyle Thomas Glasser Kyle Thomas Glasser Travels to Central America to Provide Medical Assistance to Those in Need Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States of America ( September 7, 2011 — ATHENS, Georgia – September 6, 2011 – When Kyle Thomas Glasser decided to travel to Central America with International Service Learning, [...]

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Sigma Alpha Lambda Helps Kyle Thomas Glasser Prepare for the Future

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Service oriented groups teach Kyle Thomas Glasser practical life lessons

Kyle Thomas Glasser, a senior at UGA, is a busy future medical student. His tight schedule doesn’t deter him from participating in Sigma Alpha Lambda’s community oriented programs, however. Helping others through organizations like these is one way that Kyle Thomas Glasser can shape his future.


A Ladder Toward Goals

According to Kyle Thomas Glasser, Sigma Alpha Lambda helps members build a network of relationships nationwide. These connections are sure to help Kyle Thomas Glasser in his professional endeavors for years to come. Developing future leaders is just one of the benefits that Kyle Thomas Glasser sees for members of Sigma Alpha Lambda.


Core Values Impact Kyle Thomas Glasser’s Future

Sigma Alpha Lambda has 6 core values that members like Kyle Thomas Glasser promise to follow:

  • Treat all people with the highest level of dignity and respect
  • Respect the resources of the university, the chapter, the community, and the world
  • Encourage innovation, independent action, team spirit and personal growth in members.
  • Promote camaraderie with fellow students
  • Conduct daily life with unmatched moral character and honesty
  • Operate the organization with the highest level of integrity and fiscal responsibility.


As Kyle Thomas Glasser pursues his medical aspirations, he believes that these values will not only influence him, but also those who come in contact with him both personally and professionally.


Sigma Alpha Lambda Respects Kyle Thomas Glasser as a Student

Kyle Thomas Glasser worried at first that extracurricular involvement might negatively impact his GPA; however, this has not been the case. Sigma Alpha Lambda has countless opportunities but does not require a minimum participation amount by Kyle Thomas Glasser or other members. Sigma Alpha Lambda offers encouraging awards to students who consistently perform at the top. This level of respect is why Kyle Thomas Glasser is able to maintain group involvement while balancing his studies.

Scholarship Opportunities for Kyle Thomas Glasser

Sigma Alpha Lambda offers students scholarship opportunities. Eligible students “demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and strong leadership skills,” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. The National Academic Achievement Award recognizes a single student amongst all the scholarships and award applicants. Kyle Thomas Glasser knows that incentives like these are important to help students aim for the top.


Membership Follows Kyle Thomas Glasser Throughout His Studies

A major benefit of Sigma Alpha Lambda is that wherever Kyle Thomas Glasser opts to further his education, his membership follows. If his chosen school does not currently have a chapter, Kyle Thomas Glasser is free to create a new one. “Membership is by invitation,” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. Potential applicants may request a membership invitation. This year, an applicant has to be a sophomore by August 31, 2011. Kyle Thomas Glasser also notes that the organization requires members to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Aside from his involvement with Sigma Alpha Lambda, Kyle Thomas Glasser expands his academic and community memberships to the American Medical Student Association and the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society and Honors Organization.

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